Why Learn Cucumber Testing Software in 2018?

Why Learn Cucumber Testing Software in 2018?

Test automation continues to be a key trend driving the successful enterprise software deployments. There has previously been a gap between software requirements and how humans actually use the software. To get rid of the ambiguity, the idea was to enhance the existing test-driven development and combine acceptance tests, functional requirements, and software documentation into one format that would be easy to understand.

Enter Cucumber, a testing tool that runs automated acceptance test written in Behaviour Driven Development (BBD) style. The BBD is an extension of the test-driven development and is used in testing systems rather than certain pieces of codes.

Originally, Cucumber was written in Ruby programming language and was used exclusively for Ruby testing. But presently, it supports a variety of languages like Perl, PHP, Python, and Net through several implementations. It can be integrated with the software testing frameworks like Selenium, Watir, and Capybara. The software is known to automate the functional validation in a simple, legible and comprehensible format to the respective business analysts, developers, and testers. It serves as a good document for everyone due to its feature files option.

In today’s world, business and IT do not always understand each other. This is where Cucumber testing software helps immensely by encouraging closer collaboration through its executable specifications and thus helps the teams in keeping the business goals in mind. This has also lead to an increase in the demand for professionals with working knowledge of the Cucumber testing software. Thus, it has become extremely important for software testers to be familiar with Cucumber. Apprehending this, cucumber itself offers users a course to understand how they can use cucumber to its full potential. Conclusively, Cucumber with its simple script architecture and increasing demands in the business world has become an essential tool to know.

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