SEED Infotech Ltd. - ServicesTechnology is changing rapidly and the industry’s requirement of skilled employable resources in rising exponentially; this calls for a greater participation by professional training companies to supplement the efforts of the Colleges, Universities and Institutions.

Our mission is to unveil human potential to create global quality technology workforce. The objective is to bridge the gap between the industry’s requirements and University education, thereby powering the growth of technology industry in India.

SEED Infotech’s value proposition provides solutions to the problem of scarcity of skilled employable human resources. Our service portfolio primarily includes Training, Staffing and Product & Tools Consulting that caters to three principal customer segments - Retail, Institutional and Enterprise.
The Retail customer segment covers students, graduates, aspiring professionals and working professionals. The Institutional customer segment includes colleges, universities and educational institutions. The Enterprise customer segment comprises of companies, corporate entities and Government Organisations.

In the Retail customer segment, we provide employability enhancement programs through our training centers across India. It is a widely published and acknowledged fact that a very small percentage of Indian graduates are actually employable. Our constant endeavour is to bridge this gap between industry and academia through relevant training interventions.

Our employability enhancement programs include a wide range of training offerings in the areas of Information Technology- software development, software testing and infrastructure management services, Soft Skills, Project Management. These employability enhancement programs are offered in Modular and Job Oriented Programs. Modular courses are short term, part time skill-upgradation programs and Job Oriented Programs are full time job oriented programs.

SEED Infotech Ltd. - ServicesOur Enterprise Service offerings include Corporate Trainings, Workshops, Staffing, Product and Tools Consulting services. Staffing services are offered in the form of Hire, Contract, Contract-to-Hire Recruitments, HR Vendor Outsourcing and Assessment Services to meet the Client’s Recruitment, Retention and Upgradation challenges. Product & Tools Consulting services for Corporate and Institutions are in the form of facilitation to adopt newer technologies and tools, designing technology Proof of Concepts and to support in migration to different platforms.

We also provide Global Certification Examination Services for technology principals like Microsoft, IBM, HP, Oracle etc through our partnership with Prometric, Pearson VUE, GASQ, Kryterion and Quint to students as well corporate customers.

We invite you, to the world of SEED Infotech, to explore our offerings in further detail, and encourage you to contact us and become a part of this fascinating journey.



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