SEED Co-Creation Model

Skill Development a Big Challenge

The Academia, Training Institutes and the Corporates have worked on solving the concern of Skill Development individually for many years. But there is always a gap between education that training institutes are imparting to the students and skills that corporates are seeking. It is high time for all these stakeholders to come together and jointly work to create a Win-Win-Win situation.

SEED co-creation program, a New Initiative

SEED co-creation program involves collaborating with corporates to jointly work together in developing future talent for their organizations. The program is based on learn-by-doing methodology & involves delivering state-of-the-art education along with corporates. It includes:

·        Imparting the right skills

·        Providing the updated & relevant knowledge

·        Practical exposure to the student prior to starting their professional journey

SEED co-creation Process

  • Identifying technologies on which industry is seeking to hire talent in near future
  • Jointly developing and delivering the course
  • Offer internship to provide practical exposure on technology application

Benefits of the co-creation methodology

Win – Students receive industry backed certified training

Win – Corporates receive well-developed talent

This model will also lead to smart hiring since corporates can assess the student on their performance during internship going beyond aptitude & soft-skills parameters only leading to delivering on the job performance from day one.

Win – SEED will achieve its goals when both, our customers and students, our consumer receive satisfaction from inputs provided by us.

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