SEED Infotech – Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP) Partner SEED Infotech – Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP) Partner

SEED Infotech – Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP) Partner: Oracle Database Technologies
Under the Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP), SEED Infotech Limited has launched the Oracle Student Learning Subscriptions; a digital learning experience for students in India who are passionate about learning IT and wants to build a career in IT.

As an Oracle WDP partner, SEED Infotech Limited receives direct access to new job oriented; digital curriculum developed by Oracle, via the Oracle Student Learning Subscriptions which supplement SEED Infotech’s standard IT courses and accelerate learning. Building on over a decade of success having trained in excess of 15000 students, this new and fully digital subscription offering will allow SEED Infotech to cater to the skilling needs of even more students to expand its reach even further.

The availability of Oracle Student Learning Subscription will be beneficial for SEED students, as they prepare their careers in IT. Oracle’s training curriculum and learning methodologies are in-depth, practical, student and industry oriented.

Oracle University’s Workforce Development Program developed digital Student Learning Subscriptions to help graduates access training, practice, and certification materials needed for career preparation in some of the most sought after IT fields, including Java, MySQL, Cloud, Oracle Database, and more. Some of the benefits students can experience include: curriculum developed by Oracle’s global subject matter experts; greater retention and understanding of content through 24/7 access to experienced trainers; better collaboration and consistency of teaching; access to the subscriptions for learning anytime, anywhere.

SEED Infotech – Oracle Workforce Development Program (WDP) Partner

Jose Koshy, Country Director, Oracle University India, Bharati Barhate, Executive Director, Rajesh Vartak, CTO & Executive Director and Shrikant Rasane, Co-Founder and Director, SEED Infotech Ltd. during the exchange of agreement.

SEED Infotech is an Oracle Workforce Development Program Partner. As a Oracle WDP training partner, we conduct training and certification programs for students & professionals on Oracle Technologies. These technologies include Database technologies based on Oracle 9i and 10g Database Management System, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Reports, Performance Tuning, Database Administration, and Data Warehousing etc. We also conduct certification orientation programs like OCP, OCA and OCM based on these programs.

SEED Infotech is also Oracle WDP partner for Sun – Java Education programs. As a part of this association we offer training and certification programs like Java programming, Java Application Development, Java Component Development - Servlets, JSP and EJB, Java Enterprise Applications and Java Mobile Component Development. We also offer certification programs like OCPJP, OCWCD etc.



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