Is learning AWS beneficial for an IT Fresher?

Is learning AWS beneficial for an IT Fresher?

AWS is not just a leader in cloud computing services today, its dominance leaves its competitors nowhere in site. AWS is to cloud computing what Google is to search engines. Today, everyone from a small scale business to a budding startup, or an already established enterprise is shifting to cloud computing due to the many benefits it provides.

Is AWS Certification the Only Choice in Cloud Computing?

As you can clearly see in the image below, AWS is even bigger than any of its major competitors combined. As a result of the influence it has had on cloud computing, almost every person or company today in need of such services goes to Amazon Web Services.

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There are many reasons that make AWS the pioneer when it comes to providing cloud computing services. AWS infrastructure has a network that is spread globally. Unlike others, each AWS region has multiple availability zones.  Each of these zones is connected to each other via a private fibre-optic network which ensures that your applications can switch between them without interruption in case of a fault. Furthermore, Amazon has many developer forums for AWS, wherein each service has its own forum. Having different forums for different services ensures quick and efficient troubleshooting of any issue that may arise.


Does AWS Certification Really Put You Ahead From Others?

Jobs opportunities with AWS are increasing with time. With the availability of contract based jobs at an all-time high, getting AWS certified is a good choice. As these services are still new and bound to grow in the future, jobs for fresherswith AWS Certification have a good scope.

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You can further read about different types of AWS certifications and why you should get them. Once you get certified in any of the above specializations of your choice, there are plenty of job opportunities for you.

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Jobs For Freshers With AWS Certification

There are many entry-level jobs available for IT freshers holding a certification in Amazon Web Services. Now that you are serious about getting AWS certified, see which AWS certification is better for you.

You can even apply for a job with us by successfully completing AWS Training from us.

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