How SEED Infotech Enhances Employability!

Current State Of Graduate Employment:

India churns out tens of thousands of graduates each year, but nearly half of them are “unemployable” or do not possess the basic skills necessary for any industry role. Amongst those who get the jobs, close to 40 percent are involved in clerical jobs which do not exactly do justice to their educational qualification. The grim situation gets grimmer for IT Engineers. Reliable reports suggest that almost 83 percent of them fail to meet the ‘criteria of employability’.

SEED Employability Matrix:
SEED Infotech, through our extensive research and experience over a span of 2 decades have created a SEED Employability Matrix which identifies the skills & abilities any job aspirant must possess to get employment ready.

  1. Robust Educational Qualification
  2. Right attitude.
  3. Strong Interest & Aptitude in their chosen area of specialization.
  4. Effective communication skills.
  5. Strong Technical Foundation and Technology Specialization in one stream.
  6. Global technology principal certification.
  7. Knowledge of relevant industry practices.
  8. Demonstrable industrial work/project experience.
  9. Interview Preparedness.

SEED Infotech does provide end-to-end solutions & support to students in gaining all the skills & abilities covered in the SEED Employability Matrix. Here are a few case studies illustrating our beyond the obvious approach towards Employability Enhancement. |

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