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High Impact and Niche Programs


High Impact Programs  
Value Labs 1 Day Imbibing Organisational Values and practising the same in behaviour and decision making everyday.
Communicate Like a Leader 2 Days Unconventional programme on Leaders Communication covering Key Aspects Like Assertiveness, Communication for Action, SLII etc.
Career Management 1 Day Setting personal and professional goals, Tracking and Achieving them
Goal Orientation 1 Day Aligning personal goals to team and organisational Goals.
Influencing Skills and Execution 1 Day A programme on how to positively influence others and get tasks executed
The Power of Being One 1 Day Outbound teamwork Workshop with long lasting positive results
Effective Meeting Skills 1 Day Cutting edge programme on how to make meetings more shorter and effective.
Feedback Dynamics 2 Days A high end programme on ways of giving constructive Feedback.
Niche Programs
Wearing the Green Hat 2 Days A cutting edge program on boosting your teams creativity.
Performance Excellence Programme 2 Days A hard core performance booster covering key elements like task management, goals, creativity, problem solving and WLB.
Leadership excellence II 2 Days An intensive workshop on taking your leadership skills to the next level.
Motivational Skills 1 Day A workshop for Leaders to help them to keep their team motivated and performance oriented.
Business Excellence Programme 2 Days The ultimate experiential learning workshop based on business simulation to help your leaders in taking ownership and achieve extraordinary results.
Excellence in Vendor Management 2 Days A program which will help you in right vendor identification, negotiation and vendor management for success.
Employer Branding 1 Day A programme for HR Pros on branding your organisation to attract talent.
Succession Planning 1 Day A program which answers the question that who will take the place of the key leaders when they move up or move out.
Key Account Management 1 Day A programme for client centric managers and sales team members on helping them to keep the mega clients happy and loyal to your organisation.
Take a Break 1 Day An intensive workshop for leaders and HR Professionals on Employee Engagement
Unleash your Potential (TTT) 3 Days The ultimate workshop for Trainers covering content design, delivery, experiential learning, calulating ROI and much more.
SEED Infotech High Impact and Niche Programs SEED Infotech logo SEED Infotech Ltd provide Industry focused Training in High Impact and Niche Programs like leadership training program, key account management, career management.


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