Career Guidance

Choosing a career is a function of one’s attitude, aptitude, passions and preferences, and a judicious understanding of current and future industry trends and hiring trends. We at SEED Infotech have nearly 20 years of experience having trained more than 300,000 students and professionals in creating careers and thus are better placed to provide appropriate career guidance to our candidates.

Once you start getting experience in a job, think of what you want to become. Plan your career like people plan their finances with long term objectives. If you keep your curiosity and thirst of knowledge alive, nobody can stop you from growing and getting more and more success and happiness. Identify a skill-gap that exists and work upon it to make yourself fit for higher and higher roles.

We help candidates build their career through various initiatives.
Career Counseling
Considering the vast choices that are available today, there is a great deal of confusion in the minds of parents and students to decide which of these is the best for them. When you visit our center, our counselors will help you choose the right career for you or your ward.

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Employability and Aptitude tests
We have designed several aptitude and employability tests to gauge a candidate’s inclination and talent with respect to a particular career path. When a candidate is better able to understand his current skill level and interest in a particular area, it becomes easier to counsel him/her to take up an appropriate career path.
Career Seminars
We conduct numerous seminars at various locations to create awareness about new career opportunities and current technology trends.
Employability Enhancement Series Books
Under this Employability Enhancement series, we have published a number of books to help candidates choose the right career, by understanding the nuances of technology as well as, prepare for their interviews better.
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