Big Data Hadoop

Big Data Hadoop  
In modern times, data sizes are ballooning up beyond the management of normal human beings, as well as standard data storage practices. To handle this explosion of data different approaches are being defined. Big Data is one such approach. Tomorrow’s knowledge worker cannot escape the reality of Big Data and it’s ramifications.

This course provides basic understanding of what is Big Data and it’s pervasiveness. It also covers the approaches of storing the data using HDFS and Hive. This course covers Data processing using MapReduce and Pig. Tools associated with Big Data like, Flume, Oozie, Sqoop are also touched upon in the course.
High Demand of Big Data Professional in 2016
The job trend graph of Big data and analytics jobs shows that there is an upward trend in the percentage of job opportunities than the previous year. Here are job trends of Big Data analytics from

Big Data Developer - Process
Huge Job Opportunities in 2016
The above Job trend from clearly shows the increase in percentage of Big Data Analytics Jobs. As per the Gartner’s report on Big Data Skill gap, about 2/3 of big data skill requirement are not met due to lack of skilled professional and only 1/3 of the skill requirement are met. There is an upward trend in the demand but there is deficit in supply.

Big Data Developer - Graph
Theory – 80 hrs, Hands-on – 40 hrs
Take Away: After completion of this course you will be able to
  • Explain what is Big Data
  • Describe Hadoop Architecture
  • Store data in Hadoop using HDFS
  • Process data using MapReduce
  • Process data using Hive
  • Analyze data with Pig
Pre-requisites: What I should know before attending this course
  • Java programming, Database basics
Course Content
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • Big Data Technology Foundation
  • Data Persistence with Hive and MapReduce
  • Exploring Hive
  • Hadoop utilities – Pig, Oozie, Sqoop, YARN
  • NoSQL Introduction
  • Commercial Hadoop implementations – Cloudera, HortonWorks
  • Project
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SEED Infotech Big Data Hadoop SEED Infotech logo Big Data Hadoop provides basic understanding of Big Data and it’s pervasiveness. Big Data Training also covers the approaches of storing the data using HDFS and Hive and also covers Data processing using Map Reduce and Pig.


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