Angular JS Training

Angular JS Training

Developing Rich Internet Applications(RIA) using AngularJS


Angular JS training course provides coverage for web application development using HTML and AngularJS. This course describes the various JavaScript libraries and Framework used for writing client side code. It covers features like Angular Modules, Controllers, Directives, Templates & Routing, AngularJS built-in services such as $http, $location , custom Services and factories, unit testing AngularJS code. It also covers how to integrate AngularJS with other technologies such as ASP.NET MVC and Java web applications.


Theory: 15Hrs, Hands-on: 20Hrs

Selection Procedure

  • Undergraduate students from computer background-BE(IT), BE (Comp), BCA, BSc (Comp), BSc (IT), BCS
  • IT Professional having knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript , jQuery and any server side technology.
  • Post graduate students – MCA, MCM, MSc (IT), MSc (Comp. Sci.) etc


  • Knowledge of Web programming language like JavaScript and jQuery
  • Having knowledge of any Server side technology will be an added advantagee

Objectives : You will learn to

  • Design web pages dynamically and more innovatively using AngularJS with HTML.
  • Write client code using built-in Directives, Filters and expressions.
  • Implement Controller, custom Services & factory
  • Apply animation effects , handle events, perform unit testing
  • Write client code using built-in AngularJS services like $http and $location
  • Integrate AngularJS with ASP.NET MVC and Java applications.
  • Implement a case study using Angular as client front end framework.

Course Overview

Career Track – Angular JS Training

Module 1

Responsive Web Designing, Manual Testing, Core Java

Module 2

Web Component Developer, Struts, Angular Js

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What Our Students Say

Pushkar Nandkumar Sinha

SEED is One of the best organization for the students who are fresh to the industry. It will give you a platform where u can stand and showcase yourself which I don’t think that any other organisation could ever give. When it is concerned about Knowledge then the staff which is in the teaching panel will never let you down.

Pushkar Nandkumar Sinha

Mukesh Choudhary

SEED Institute is well managed and equipped with good knowledgeable staff and trainers. SEED has very supportive and motivated faculty.I would recommend this course to my friends and juniors because there are lots of opportunities to develop your carrier in this field. After completion, of course, the institute was very good in their placement service...Thank you SEED Infotech for making my dream come true.

Mukesh Choudhary

Diksha Sunil Kadam

The very friendly atmosphere and lovely staff, Helpful with questions, concept good teaching materials. Appropriating... The course I have done from SEED INFOTECH was really interesting and informative. I feel it has given me enough to explore my knowledge and has also made me a lot more curious about what I have learnt so far.

Diksha Sunil Kadam

Aniruddha Ramesh Jaipurkar

The training was good. The best part of course (NPIC) was Internship in SEEd Infotech, where I get a hands-on Knowledge of Microsoft. I have developed a good practical knowledge during the internship. Working in office environment boost my confidence to qualify big MNCs interview. SEED has given a good platform to learn during Training and to perform as an Intern.

Aniruddha Ramesh Jaipurkar

Avinash Biradar

SEED Infotech is a good platform for getting the proper knowledge & hands-on experience. The staff was good and supporting. I would like to thanks the staff & the placement team for your entire support. due to internship included in my course ie NPIC, i got good knowledge and hands-on experience. Once again thank you. The good conduct of courses and placement.

Avinash Biradar

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