7 Reasons Why You Should learn Python in 2018

When it comes to learning a programming language, there can be confusion, whether to go for C#, Java or Python. Going by the recent StackOverflow chart of all the programming languages, Python is the fastest growing one. The accelerating growth of this programming language has pushed freshly graduates to learn and adapt in the changing tech environment.

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If you check for top 10 programming languages of 2018, Python leads ahead.

But, why Python?

Python is a high-level programming language, which is scalable and easily adaptable. Also referred to as Utilitarian- Python is simple to read and write. With the rise of data science and machine learning, python has also witnessed growth in recent years. In fact, in the year 2018, the python will be one of the most popular programming languages in Data Science.

Here are 7 Reasons to learn Python in 2018:

1. Data Science and Python go hand-in-hand:

According to the stats by MRC, the global data science market was accounted to $19.75 billion till 2016. By 2022, the market is set to reach $128.21 billion. This growth has inspired new age programmers to get into Big Data industry and simultaneously learn Python. The programming language consists of the statistical and numerical package used for data analysis.

2. Best programming Language for AI & Machine Learning:

AI & Machine Learning is in the adoption kit of every tech company worldwide. In fact, according to IBM, Python is the leader in the programming language for Machine Learning. Reasons, why Python is used over other programming languages for AI and Machine Learning, are:-

· Easy and fast to adapt compared to other languages

· Consists of a chunk of libraries including Python Imaging Library, VTK, Numeric Python and many other tools

· It’s an open source and has good community support

Python is well-designed and is scalable enough for AI applications.

3. Corporate Sponsorship:

As Microsoft uses C#, Sun uses Java, and PHP backed by Facebook; Google has adopted python and has used it in multiple platforms of their products. Google has even created in-depth guides and tutorial for freshers during their learning and implementing stage.

4. Easy to Learn and Use:

One of the reasons why Python is a great programming language option is due to its accessibility. With simplified syntax and more emphasis on natural language, Python becomes easy to learn and use.

5. Best for Web Development:

If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in web development, then learning Python becomes a part of the process. Due to its frameworks like Django and Flask, the process of web development becomes easy.

6. Largest StackOverflow Community:

StackOverflow, a programming Q&A site and is the best community for coding beginners. Python has more than 85k followers, making it the 5th largest programming community.  This community ensures fresh developers receive support throughout the process of learning.

7. Fastest Growing Language:

For fresh graduates learning Python can open doors for top companies in high-income countries. This is because it is the fastest-growing language in countries like US, Germany, and Canada.  Python, according to the Forbes report, has shown a solid rise of 456% in 2017. Moreover, in the TIOBE index, it ranks 5th under most popular programming languages.

Final words:

If you are keen to learn python in 2018, then this is the right time to catch hold on it. For freshers and experienced programmers, Python has a plethora of opportunities to offer in future.

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